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The TNC (threaded Neill–Concelman) connector is a threaded version of the BNC connector. The connector has a 50 Ω impedance and operates best in the 0–11 GHz frequency spectrum. It has better performance than the BNC connector at microwave frequencies. Invented in the late 1950s and named after Paul Neill of Bell Labs and Carl Concelman of Amphenol, the TNC connector has been employed in a wide range of radio and wired applications.



Electrical DataDetail
Impedance50 ohms
Frequency range0 to 11 GHz
Working Voltage
  • RG178=170Vrms at sea level max.
  • RG58=335 Vrms at sea level max.
  • RG174,316=250Vrms at sea level max.
Dielectric withstanding voltage
  • RG178=500 Volts rms min.
  • RG174,316=750 Volts rms min.
  • RG58=1000 Volts rms min
  • Straight connector :1.30 max.
  • R/A connector: 1.5 max.


Mechanical DataDetail
Force to engageThe torque required to engage and disengage shall not exceed 6 inch-lbs
Mating7/16-28 threaded coupling
Coupling nut retention force101.2 lbs min.
Connector durablity500 matings
Cable retention force
  • RG178=7.3 lbs min.
  • RG174=9.7 lbs min.
  • RG316=12.1 lbs min.
  • RG58= 28.7 lbs min