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SMC (SubMiniature version C) connectors are coaxial RF connectors developed in the 1960s. They use a #10-32 UNF threaded interface (screw type). They offer excellent electrical performance from DC to 10 GHz. Female SMC connectors have a pin for the center contact, and male SMC connectors have a socket for the center contact, and are therefore analogous to the "reverse polarity" versions of other types of RF connectors.

The term Subvis connector appears to be European usage; the connectors appear to be electrically and mechanically equivalent to SMC


Electrical DataDetail
Impedance50 ohms
Frequency range0 to 10GHz
Working Voltage
  • RG178=250Vrms at sea level max.
  • RG174,316=335 Vrms at sea level max.
Dielectric withstanding voltage
  • RG178=750 Volts rms min.
  • RG174,316=1000 Volts rms min.
  • Straight connector :
  • RG178=1.25+0.04F(F in GHz)
  • RG178=1.25+0.04F(F in GHz)
  • R/A connector:
  • RG178=1.40+0.06F(F in GHz)
  • RG174,316=1.35+0.04F(F in GHz)


Mechanical DataDetail
Recommended coupling nut torque3.1 inch-lbs max.
Mating10-32 threaded coupling
Coupling nut retention force33.72 pounds min
Connector durablity500 matings
Cable retention force
  • RG178=7.3 lbs min.
  • RG174=9.7 lbs min.
  • RG316=12.1 lbs min.
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