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The huge current spike caused by lightning strikes can induce a harmful voltage surge on all metallic line nearby, including the cables used in a communication system. The lightning protector developed by Micon features a high speed gas discharge tube that can safely channel away harmful voltage surges occurred during thunder storms. The gas discharge tube, whose cost is a fraction of the cost of lightning protector, can be replaced easily and take the hits of lightning surges to protect other costly equipments in a system.


PerformanceDetail specifications
Impedance50 Ohms
Frequency rangeDC-6GHz
  • < 1.3 @DC-3 GHz
  • < 1.5 @3-6 GHz
Insertion loss< 0.9 db
DC breakdown voltage184-276 Volt
Insulation resistance>2000 Megohms
Gas tube insulation resistance> 10 Gohm
Impulase spark-over voltage450-500V
Impulase discharge current10 KA /10 times
Alternating discharge current10A/5 times
Capacitance at 1Mhz< 1pf
Working temperature-40℃~+80℃


Mechanical DataDetail
ConnectorsN Jack Bulkhead / N-Jack