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The Type F is similar to the Type G except it is threaded rather than snap-on. Primary applications are for cable television (CATV), set top boxes, and cable modems.

With the deployment of 750 MHz Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) networks, it became increasingly obvious that existing low performance F receptacles could not be used in high speed cable modems and customer interface units (CIUs). THe industry has challenged connector manufacturers to develop high performance nnectors featuring -30 dB return loss at 1 Ghz. All connectors comply with a 3/8-32 thread specification. Micon has responded to this market demand providing high performance alternatives.


Electrical DataDetail
Impedance75 ohms
Frequency range0 to 1GHz
Dielectric withstanding voltage75 Volts rms min.
  • Straight connector :1.50 max.
  • R/A connector: 2.0 max.


Mechanical DataDetail
Mating3/8-32 threaded coupling
Connector durablity500 matings
Cable retention force
  • RG179=7.3 lbs min.
  • RG58= 28.7 lbs min.