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The BNC connector (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) is a miniature quick connect/disconnect RF connector used for coaxial cable. It features two bayonet lugs on the female connector; mating is achieved with only a quarter turn of the coupling nut. BNCs are ideally suited for cable termination for miniature-to-subminiature coaxial cable (e.g., RG-58, 59, to RG-179, RG-316). They are used with radio, television, and other radio-frequency electronic equipment, test instruments, video signals, and was once a popular connector for 10BASE2 computer networks. BNC connectors are made to match the characteristic impedance of cable at either 50 ohms or 75 ohms. It is usually applied for frequencies below 4 GHz and voltages below 500 Volts. Similar connectors using the bayonet connection principle exist, and a threaded connector is also available. United States military standard MIL-PRF-39012 entitled Connectors, Coaxial, Radio Frequency, General Specification for (formerly MIL-C-39012) covers the general requirements and tests for radio frequency connectors used with flexible cables and certain other types of coaxial transmission lines in military, aerospace, and spaceflight applications.


Electrical DataDetail
Impedance50 ohms
Frequency range0 to 4GHz
Working Voltage
  • RG178=170Vrms at sea level max.
  • RG174,316=250Vrms at sea level max.
  • RG58=335 Vrms at sea level max.
Dielectric withstanding voltage
  • RG178=500 Volts rms min
  • RG174,316=750 Volts rms min.
  • RG58=1000 Volts rms min.
  • Straight connector :1.3 max
  • R/A connector:1.5 max


Mechanical DataDetail
MatingBayonet coulping
Coupling nut retention force100 lbs min.
Connector durablity500 matings
Cable retention force
  • RG178=7.3 lbs min.
  • RG174=9.7 lbs min.
  • RG316=12.1 lbs min.
  • RG58= 28.7 lbs min.
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